This is not a pumpkin laurrrra-fumbles

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Ok sickness 2.0: terrible evolutions

Before, I was just coughing a lot of gross phlegm - now it’s exploded and every little chunk of muscle/part of my body is aching and my nose is all drippy and food tastes like sandpaper, I have a light-sensitive migraine and swallowing feels like knives.

Like, what?



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Title: God From The Machine Artist: Santigold 351 plays


Santigold | God From The Machine

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I owe no money.
none. I paid off my credit card in full and my cell-phone bill and the people I owed things to and I don’t owe anyone money anymore.

I keep waiting to feel more free and all

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I am trying to make up my room into a space I can appreciate (and the rest of my house will follow) but I am having a terrible longing for my old home