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I underestimated, a bit, about how overwhelming the feeling of both being back-in-school and at-a-new-school would be.

I love being back in classes, but my heart aches to be in them with the people I love/trust/know/revere as brilliant. I miss being a darling of my department, i miss being involved in conversations happening on campus, I miss feeling like I belonged at student service centres/spaces. I miss even just having someone to talk to or meet up with on breaks for shitty campus food or beers.
So much.

It does, to some degree, feel like a lot of the parts of why I was so excited to go ‘back to school’ are not there.

I came to school early for this big breakfast thing cos I was like ‘well, I should try to make friends’ but it was just some admin staff serving eggs in a hallway so that’s a bummer

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I have black hair now

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tw: food

my life is so boring i am whining at myself for having to eat a salad tonight before it goes bad. :/ welp. 

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My best friend in the world is engaged :o