stay skeptical and wary of people who are content with the anarchist scene they find themselves in

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I’m worried cause I’m showing my new apartment to an Ottawa acquaintance who is in sort of a desperate spot in needing a place but I’ve heard some worrying things about her from my Ottawa pals?! 

and like, I know if she wants it she’ll be trying to sign for it on Monday but like… I kinda wanna see/know who and what else is out there first- worrying impressions have been making me feel anxious? and I don’t have a backbone to just say like, No. 


You have the perfect lil nose. I just want to lick cream off of it

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Title: Ageless Beauty Artist: Stars 989 plays


Ageless Beauty - Stars

tattered fingers
linger on the warm and foolish
hardened faces
graceless, we’ll lose the battle

Lily re-sent this to me a couple’a weeks ago I was crying about Buffy

1 day ago on July 31, 2014 at 07:55pm

Something about women who wear fauxhawks and slightly flared jeans and lip rings and leather jackets and practical shoes just kills me yknow?

1 day ago on July 31, 2014 at 07:44pm

I am literally crying tears of happiness i’m staying in Ottawa one more night of hanging around and sleeping on the sleep couch from hell (thank god its cute I miss my stuff whine whine aside) and then staying with erica at morgan’s and god god god damn erica perfect human…. its like she came home from europe and fixed my most immediate problem and I can’t deal cause I am listening to this inxs cover over and over and over and whew. emotions. 

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Drake is my life coach

this is a reminder to listen to more drake.


I’m trying real friggen hard to be a champion, you know?
But this is hard.

1 day ago on July 31, 2014 at 04:57pm