Weh why is there no autostraddle brunch in Toronto how am I supposed to make friends now?

Personal lil piece: New city, week 2

Up until I started to move here I had made a whole plan.
A whole 5 year plan or 5 year dream or whatever with foggy sunshine and a little squishy-faced dog in my hometown with a little B.A. or whatever.
It’s still kinda wigging me out that I changed kind of, well, everything instead?
And I guess that’s what folks get for making any kind of multi-year plan in their early twenties. And I’m pretty pleased with myself for letting plans go (this is not easy for me)
That said, I kind of feel plan-less or root-less now… I don’t know what I’ll be doing next week or who I will see or hang out with or who will give me a hug and what my favourite places are or whether I will eventually feel at-home. I don’t even know if I want my shop-of-dreams at this juncture, but I know if I do that it’s already gonna look and be very different than I’d thought before.

Every single person I’ve met and had a decent conversation with here so far has been incredibly driven and busy and full of projects and futures and that’s friggen great and kind of jarring? cause I don’t have that stuff going on or going for me right now.

I’m trying to be nice to me cause I’ve really only been here for a week.
But yeah, okay, I’m a bit overwhelmed

I can already tell I am a lot less sad

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i need 1

amazeland we could do twinsies againnnnnnnn


You can be gay/queer and transphobic. Don’t act like it doesn’t exist.

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i know but idk

me when i know but idk (via bageutte)

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buying things stresses me out