turnyourfacetowardthesun you can crush this october thingggg

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list of just things

1) job interview tomorrow. I am getting ~nervous~ which is silly cos this coffee thing is literally the only thing that I actually do. 
——> am, however, worried always about how to be honest about my motivations for wanting to own a shop, etc. etc. to be? I don’t want them to think I am gonna steal ideas from them but then its like.. if they do will they care? 
2) Hafta remember to prioritize school appropriately .. and this also means prioritizing the work in classes I don’t like as much, even. 
that’s always the hard part. 
3) I’m volunteering with a pap-smear campaign on campus next week and I just like it because it soundsssss like its a smear campaign of political ruin and conspiracy only but its not (its much more badass, i know) 
4) fancy food and drink and solitude and a nap made me feel much better today, but with that said, I could really use a hug.
Any way any of ya’ll could help me out with that one? I’m open to suggestions? and hugs? 

It’s that awkward moment when…
You’re naked in bed with a boy you’ve just made out with on a rooftop.
Looking up at the little toy cross
On top of the big, dark mountain.

That awkward moment where you bring in the Greek chorus
Of Angels in America characters
And the dump truck of dead bodies and
News segments of ashes actions
And Diamanda Galas howling over Fire in My Belly.

That awkward moment when you decide to cough it up
To rip the band-aid off the unhealed wound
And tell him:

I just need to tell you something that’s really not easy to say and I’m legally required to tell you before we take this any further:

I have been shortlisted for a very special prize.
I am on the shortlist for those who didn’t win the bet.
I am biopolitically pegged for a lifetime of awkward moments.

There’s 50 parts per millilitre of me
That are Having It Very
difficult; that are too late for a vaccine,
That didn’t do their due diligence
And that echo a Harsh Interior Voice
Saying “stay away,”
Even though any other combination of bodies in a moment like this
Would just be getting it on right now.

It’s that awkward moment where you look up at the
On his cluttered bedroom wall
And say the words
Only to see him freeze, lose his boner, sigh,
And explain trippingly that he has an anxiety disorder
And “just can’t take it right now.”

It’s that awkward moment when you want to rip a hypocritical poster off someone’s wall
Or at least half of it:
SILENCE = riiippppppp crumple crumple
All those posters say THAT to me now:
Silence equals sex.

If you just keep your mouth shut
And don’t talk about cells and replication and undetectability
And minor cuts or abrasions
And rinsing with lemon juice
And tests every three months
And how you ever got it in the first place…

“Oh,” you ask “you were in a video PSA about serophobia too?”
“Yes, I’m sure you are very open-minded.
Thank you for showing me that,” you say,
As you put your clothes back on.

Get used to the new equation,
Cause these bastards just don’t know the math.

The New Equation, April 2012 by Boísin Murphy

Thank you Ted for this.

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I was feeling really down and out @ school today and I went out for a cigarette to kind of self-meld about it
my prof came out as well and asked how I was doing and I was kind of like “ehhhh, i don’t know! I feel like i’m not communicating well, blah blah” and he was really sweet about being kind of like ‘you know, sometimes people have scattered days’ and chatted about that and that was really nice. 

I am scattered today. 
I am gonna get home and I am gonna chill



I’m tired after 4 days of work, I’m tired after 3 days of school, and 4 days of work, 3 days in school and so on and so on I wish I could manage to get more than 6 hours of sleep that’d help

Amber Benson plays Fuck, Marry, Kill: "Buffy" Edition

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30$ greasy spoon pizza > gr8er than a turkey dinner

To-do list:

- re-write resume, email off
- do reading reflection for SXST
(At least read the piece tonight)
- clean room, clean kitchen,
- put up room art, make a nice space for myself damn it)

- get laundry ready
- figure out Facebook block with yorkU email
- make a budget, check on OSAP hell
- start reading Frankenstein

Butches in Bikinis


If anyone would like to create a “ButchesInBikinis” Tumblr, it’d have my undivided attention.  

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